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Add Geometry Information

This tool is part of Simplebim Prototypes addon. In order to use the tool, you need to download and install the addon from here.

Tool for querying information about the geometry of objects and adding this information to the objects as property data.

The type geometric representation of objects can be an important factor when importing IFC into various applications. Not all applications support all ways of representing geometry in IFC and it is good to know in advance if the import can work. The geometric representation can also contain useful information, like profile definitions, for quantity take-off and other analysis.

All properties added by this tool are post-fixed with ‘(geometry)’.

Geometry TypeThe basic type of the 3D geometry.
Extruded ProfileA profile with linear extrusion
Clipped Extruded ProfileExtruded profile clipped with another geometry
BrepBoundary representation, i.e. a solid defined by its boundary, which is represented by triangles or faces.
Clipped BrepA Brep clipped with another geometry.
Brep With VoidsA Brep with empty volumes inside it.
IdentifierThe Representation Identifier of the IfcRepresentation from which the information is collected. If the geometry is shared (mapped) the identifier is post-fixed with ‘(shared’). The typical value for the Identifier of 3D geometry is ‘Body’
Profile NameThe name of the profile from the ProfileName property of the IFC profile definition. For example for steel profiles this is typically the local standard name of the steel profile.
Profile TypeThe type of the profile based on the class of the IFC profile definition. The value is one of the following:

Rounded Rectangle, Hollow Rectangle, Rectangle, Arbitrary With Voids, Closed Arbitrary, Center Line, Open Arbitrary, Composite, Mirrored, Derived, Asymmetric I-Shape, Hollow Circle, Circle, C-Shape, Ellipse, I-Shape, L-Shape, Trapezium, T-Shape, U-Shape, Z-Shape

Different profile types can have additional properties specific to that profile type, for example a ‘Rectangle’ profile has the ‘X Dim’ and ‘Y Dim’ properties and a ‘Circle’ profile has a ‘Radius’.