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Define IFC Property (Element Quantity)

In this section you can define properties that are mapped to IFC Element Quantities

QuantitySet NameTextName of the IFC QuantitySet.Value of the Name attribute of IfcElementQuantity
Quantity NameTextThe name of the propertyThe name of the property within the QuantitySet
Property TypeChoiceIFC data type of the property.If not provided, the type of the property is determined at the time when the property is added to an object class.
Property Source KeyTextUnique key of the entity that has defined this property.If not provided, the property is added without information about the entity that defined it.
Property KeyTextUnique key of this Property.If not provided, the correctly formatted key is automatically generated when the property is added to an object class (see description below)
Simplebim NameTextName of this property in Simplebim.If not provided, the IFC Property Name is used also in the Simplebim user interface.
DescriptionTextDescription of the property.
ReferenceTextDocumentation referenceThis reference is appended to the ‘Reference Base URI’ of the Identity Source to form a link to the definition of this property.


You can use any text you want as the Property Key as long as the key is unique. However, if you want to avoid creating duplicate properties when the property with an identical mapping already exists in the model, you either need to leave the Property Key empty or use a specific format for the Property Key. If you want to explicitly define the Property Key, the easiest way to get the correct key is to import an IFC file containing that property into Simplebim, select that property in the Properties palette and choose ‘Copy Special’ > ’Copy Key’ from the context menu. Finally paste the value into the Property Key field in the template.

The format for ElementQuantity keys is:


The old format starting with IFC2X3:FLAT:QTY is also still supported