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Define Property

In this section you can define properties that can be shown in Simplebim and can be exported to e.g. Excel, but are not necessarily mapped to IFC. You could for example define properties that translate object and property names to your own language.

If you want to define properties that are mapped to IFC PropertySets or Element Quantities, please use the dedicated sections instead.

Property Source KeyTextThe unique key of the entity who has defined this property.
Property KeyTextThe unique key of this property.Usually prefixed with the property source key to ensure uniqueness.
Property NameTextThe name of this property
DescriptionTextThe description of this property
ReferenceTextLink to documentationThis reference is appended to the ‘Reference Base URI’ of the Property Source to form a link to the definition of this identity.
Metadata#1-3TextMetadata for the propertyYou can define metadata for the property. This metadata can be used by Simplebim, add-ons and tools in various ways, for example the mapping to IFC is defined as metadata. The format for metadata is: KEY …or… KEY=VALUE If you need to pass more than 3 metadata items, simply add the additional metadata items on the next columns on the same row.