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Colors missing / changed after IFC export

IssueWhen I export to IFC some objects loose color information
SolutionIf all objects loose color information, please read how to Export Colors to IFC

For exporting full color information to IFC, please update to Simplebim 8 or later. Only if you can’t update, read the description below.

For Simplebim versions up to 7.2: If only some objects loose / change color information the reason is how Simplebim handles object colors. In IFC each object can have multiple appearances (color + transparency), for example a window object may have a different appearance for the frame and glazing. This possibility was seldom used before but is becoming more common. Currently Simplebim can only store one appearance for each object and if the object has multiple appearances, the appearance Simplebim uses is chosen randomly at import. When the object is exported back to IFC the whole object gets this randomly selected appearance. For example the window might be completely opaque and brown (appearance of the frame) or transparent and blue (the appearance of the glazing).