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Download Prototypes Add-on

We often get requests from customers for functionality that solves some specific problem. The Prototypes add-on is a place where we can quickly and easily implement and publish such functionality without cluttering Simplebim. Prototypes, like the name implies, do not go through the same testing process as functionality in the standard product. Often functionality matures in the Prototypes add-on and is then later included in some way in the standard product.

The Prototypes add-on contains the following modules (version 10.0 / 29.3.2023)

Prototypes add-on for Simplebim 10

Version 29.3.2023 / Requires Simplebim 10.0

Prototypes add-on for Simplebim 9

Version 1.4.2022 / Requires Simplebim 9.0

Release Notes

Version 29.3.2023

  • Updated to Simplebim 10.0
  • New Inset Locations -tool added

Version 1.4.2022

  • New Add Text Encoding Info -tool added

Version 8.7.2021

  • Updated to Simplebim 9. No new functionality or improvements.

Version 7.5.2020

  • Default for PATTERN set to ‘*’ in Group Delete tool. This means that if no pattern is defined, all groups matching the TARGET are deleted.
  • Convert Objects tool: Bug fixed in copying colors and transparency to new objects when the original object had more than one color, e.g. windows with different color for frame and glazing.

Version 15.4.2020

  • Group Rename tool added.
  • Group Merge tool: TARGET parameter added

Version 27.8.2019

  • Load Selected GUIDs from File: Bug fixed in importing GUIDs that start with a dollar ($) sign.