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Find heavy objects

This video is part of Unlock Simplebim with Gio -video series, consisting of insightful tutorials and demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of Simplebim. Each video provides a quick and practical overview, guiding viewers through the step-by-step process of using the tool to transform IFC object classes effortlessly.

Unlock Simplebim with Gio – Find heavy objects

In this quick video, Gio tackles the challenge of dealing with triangle-heavy objects in IFC models. Watch as he simplifies complex 3D geometries, starting with identifying and diagnosing the problem using our ‘Getting Started’ model. Learn how to use our ‘Weight Watcher’ tool, part of our free ‘Prototypes’ add-on, and see the powerful ‘Boxify’ tool in action.

Key takeaways:

▶︎ Identifying and addressing complex objects in IFC models.
▶︎ Using ‘Calculate Basic Quantities’ and ‘Weight Watcher’ tools.
▶︎ Simplifying geometry with the ‘Boxify’ tool to improve model performance.

Read more about the ‘Prototypes’ add-on here: