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Manage Project Templates

You will often have the need to use project specific templates that define rules that are useful in the context of a specific project. These may include trimming and moving the model, copy and find&replace operations, grouping, validation, enrichment etc.

The best practice is to install project templates into the User Templates folder

The following are our best practice recommendations for setting up project templates

  • Use a clear naming convention for template files that allows you to separate generic templates from project specific templates. Because all templates are in the same folder the names must be unique. The template file names are now shown in the user interface.
  • The ‘Group’ of the template is used for creating the one level deep hierarchy of the templates in the Ribbon dropdown menu you use for applying templates. The recommendation is to use your company name as the group for generic templates and a combination of company name and project name / number for project templates.
  • Each template has a unique key. The recommendation is to use your company name as the common base for all generic templates and the company name plus project name / number as the base for project templates.
  • The name of the template does not have to be unique, so you can use templates with the same name in different projects.

You can avoid copying the same rules into multiple templates by chaining templates.