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Run Tools from Template

Tools –section

In this section you can specify which Tools are run as part of this template. Tools are software modules that can process the models in ways that are not supported by templates.

Name or GUIDTextThe Name or GUID of the tool.You can see the names of the installed Tools in the About dialog of Simplebim. If you are developing the Tool yourself, your can also use its GUID.
SequenceChoiceChoose one from the dropdown.You can define when the Tool is run. Default is after the template has been applied (After Template).
Parameter#1-3TextSee descriptionYou can define parameters that are passed to the Tool. Please consult the documentation of the Tool for the parameters supported by that Tool.The format for parameters is: KEY …or… KEY=VALUEIf you need to pass more than 3 parameters, simply add the additional parameters on the next columns on the same row.