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Set Property Values Based on Text Property Value

In this section you can set the value of one property based on the text value of another property. You could for example set the IsExternal property to ‘Yes’ for all walls that have a building element construction type that starts with ‘EXT’.

There is a separate section in the template for setting property values before copy operations and after copy operations because the order of events determines if finding the objects for which the property values are set is done based on a copied value or to the original value.

If you need a large number of such operations the Enrichment system is probably the better alternative because it is much more compact and easy to manage. 

Object or Group [+]TextName or identity keyThe name or identity key of the Object Class or Group

The special value “All” applies the operation to all objects classes that have the Find Property, or if a Find Property is not given, the Set Property.
Find Property [+]TextName or identity keyThe name or identity key of the property for which you want to find and replace values.
If the Find Property is empty, the operation is applied to all objects of the given object class or object group.
Text OperatorChoiceThe text operator for finding values
Case SensitiveYes/NoYes/NoPerform case sensitive comparison?
Find Value [+]TextThe value(s) to find.Leave empty to find empty values. You can specify multiple values by adding new rows to the cell (Alt + Enter). Or –logic is applied if there are multiple values.
Set PropertyTextName or identity keyThe name or identity key of the property for which you want to set the value.
Set ValueMixedThe value you want to set for the property.The value is converted to the data type of the Set Property. If you are setting measure values, please pay attention to the Template Units.