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Trim Objects in Template

Include/Exclude Objects Based on Object Class or Group -section

In this section you can include and exclude objects based on their object class or membership in a group. You could for example exclude all furniture or include all objects in a ‘Building Envelope’ group. See the Groups –worksheet chapter of this guide for more information about groups.

If you want to start with a clean slate, use the special value ‘All’ for Object or Group on the first row. This will exclude all objects in the model. Then you can start including the objects you really need.

The following object classes cannot be excluded via templates: Project, Site, Building and Building Storey

Object or Group [+]TextThe name or identity key of the Object Class, or the name of the Group.The special value ‘All’ will apply the operation to all Object Classes.
IncludeYes/NoYes/NoInclude the objects in the Object Class or Group? Leaving the cell empty will set the applicable objects into the ‘Not decided yet’ state.

NOTE: Setting the background color of this cell will set that color as the 3D Appearance of the applicable objects.