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Geometry tagging

This video is part of Unlock Simplebim with Gio -video series, consisting of insightful tutorials and demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of Simplebim. Each video provides a quick and practical overview, guiding viewers through the step-by-step process of using the tool to transform IFC object classes effortlessly.

Unlock Simplebim with Gio – Geometry tagging

Let’s bring some order into chaos!

Using Geometry Tag text property is a good way to find objects that share the same 3D geometry.
This is how you can:
▸ add the Geometry Tag text property to your objects in Simplebim
▸ group the objects based on Geometry Tag
▸ assign colors to the objects inside the groups, and
▸ export everything seamlessly to a new hashtag IFC file.

You can read more about adding Geometry Tags from this support article: