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IfcTrimmedCurve Issue

This article only applies to the following Simplebim versions

  • Simplebim 10.0
  • Simplebim 10.0 SR1
  • Simplebim 10.0 SR2

When an IFC file is imported into an affected version of Simplebim the IfcTrimmedCurve entity is handled incorrectly if it’s MasterRepresentation is CARTESIAN. This issue can be fixed in the following ways:

Upgrade to Simplebim 10.0 SR3 or later. If you have exported IFC files with this condition or saved .cube files with this condition, simply import/open them in the new version and then save/export and the issue will be solved.

If you can’t upgrade to Simplebim 10.0 SR3 or later, you can also fix IFC files manually. Open the IFC file in a text editor (like Notepad) that does not change the formatting of the file (don’t use e.g. MS Word). Then search the file for .CARTESIAN. and you will find the affected rows.

Is:IFCTRIMMEDCURVE(#33317, ((0.), #33315), ((0.), #33316), .T., .CARTESIAN.);
Should be: IFCTRIMMEDCURVE(#33317, (#33315), (#33316), .T., .CARTESIAN.);

The issue is the unnecessary (0.), on those rows. Delete the unnecessary characters from all affected rows and save the file.