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Include Properties by Property Set

By following the instructions below you can include only properties from a certain property set (Pset).

  1. Open the Model Trimmer workspace
  2. Select a Object Class in the Objects palette, for example Wall
  3. The properties palette now shows the properties for the selected Object Class, Right-click on the Properties palette and select ‘Exclude All Properties’ from the context menu
  4. From the Property Category drop-down list in the footer of the Properties palette select ‘Property Set’
  5. Look for the section that shows the properties from the property set you want include. Click on the first property in your property set, hold down Shift and click on the last property. This selects all properties in the property set.
  6. Right-click on the Properties palette and select ‘Include Selected Properties’ from the context menu. Now only the properties from your property set are included.

If you want to exclude properties from a certain Pset you can adjust the steps accordingly. Instead of first excluding all properties, include all if some properties are excluded. Then instead of including the properties in the property set, select ‘Exclude Selected Properties’ to exclude them.