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Naviate Simple BIM Versions

Naviate Simple BIM is a branded version of Simplebim distributed by Symetri in the Nordic countries. Each version of Naviate Simple BIM is based on a specific version of Simplebim. The following list connects the Naviate Simple BIM version to the corresponding Simplebim version and links to the release notes of the Simplebim version. You can find more detailed information about the Naviate Simple BIM releases here.

Simplebim 10 and later

Starting with Simplebim 10 the Naviate Simple BIM versions follow the Simplebim versioning. For example “Simplebim 10.0” is “Naviate Simple BIM 10” and “Simplebim 10.0 SR2” is “Naviate Simple BIM 10 version 2”
Naviate Simple BIMSimplebim
2022.69.1 SR3
2022.59.1 SR2
2022.49.1 SR1
2022.29.0 SR4
2022.19.0 SR3
2019.38.0 SR8
2019.28.0 SR6
2019.18.0 SR5
2018.47.1 Release
2018.27.0 SR2
2018.17.0 Release
2017.56.1 SR2
2017.46.1 Release
2017.36.0 SR3
2017.16.0 Release