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Only designers can edit models

Why cannot the designers put all the data into their models? In fact, some of the software vendors claim in their communication, that only the designers should be allowed to edit the models.

Well, yes only the designers should edit the data – that they create themselves. But. This is a very narrow view to BIM usage. The design models are only the beginning of the BIM lifecycle. Other parties downstream take the design models as input and enrich them further with the data they create.

If you are not allowed to edit the models, then how are you supposed to add any data? I think people get somehow confused here. Of course, you can and need to edit the data further in order to use it. This can happen in a native format after an IFC has been imported. But it can also happen in the IFC format. It is exactly the same thing. Remember that the format is not important. The data is. And what you do with the data.

Simplebim edits IFC data. Wrangles it. Transforms it. Makes it consistent. Enriches it. Because it is the smartest way to work with BIM data.