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Education will solve BIM data exchange

BIM data exchange doesn’t work, because the BIM education is not good enough. We simply need to fix this and Simplebim is no longer needed. Partly true, but listen.

Taking BIM into use on a large scale will change the way many of us in the industry work. New ways of working will require some learning for sure. However, the claim in the title falsely suggests that learning is mostly technical, that each construction professional needs to become an BIM expert. Even an IFC expert. OMG. I sure hope not.

In the core of all BIM benefits is easy to use data, that arrives at the right time to support decision making. Data. Information. Not BIM or IFC itself. In fact, as long as you get value out of the data, you don’t even have to know, that it came from a BIM model. This data itself should be something each construction professional is already using and thus knows how to use. They don’t need more education to do their basic job – as long as the data is fit for purpose.

Simplebim makes the data easy to use, consistent and rich, fit for purpose. BIM experts are only needed for making this centralized and automated processing happen. Everybody else is simply using the data, which they already know how to use.