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AI and machine learning will solve BIM data exchange

AI and machine learning will solve all the data exchange issues in a couple of years. It is amazing what machine learning can do with pictures or for example with sound. Or how it can be applied to fraud detection and other behavior analysis. For sure these technologies will also be more and more applied in construction industry. Sure, they can solve at least some of the issues we have – even with BIM data exchange.

Machine learning can help us classify information, maybe even make it more consistent. This is one direction we are also already moving in with Simplebim. But. First of all, machine learning doesn’t work, if you don’t have consistent data. It is not intelligent in a way the name ‘artificial intelligence’ suggests. You cannot simply throw in some random data, ask it anything and hope to get useful answers. You still need to make the data consistent first. You then need to analyze this data in a very specific way. Simplebim will help you make the data consistent and enable the use of machine learning and AI.