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Requirements will solve BIM data exchange

BIM data exchange doesn’t work, because the BIM requirements and guidelines are bad. If we make more and better BIM guidelines and requirements, then we can start working with BIM on a larger scale. Then we don’t need Simplebim anymore. Totally wrong!

Having BIM guidelines and requirements helps, but in practice they cannot solve the underlying issues, which come from the complex environment. Setting more and more requirements leads to distributed data management. More importantly it leads to an absurd situation where we are trying to help automation, the machines, by doing more manual work. Do you see the irony here?

The industry has tried this approach for few decades already. It hasn’t work. How much more proof do we need?

The good news is, that using the Simplebim workflow the requirements and thus the manual work can be minimized. Instead of distributing the control of data to each desktop of each designer, we centralize it. Instead of trying to follow rules with manual work, we automate the data management. These two small ideas are game changers. Think about it! The whole BIM workflow becomes much simpler. As a bonus most of the liability issues get solved at the same time.