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How does Simplebim enable the best possible BIM workflow?

Simplebim gives you full control over the BIM data you use and share. Instead of trying to manage BIM data in a distributed and manual way in each model author and other BIM tool separately, in Simplebim you manage the data in a centralized, automated and scalable way.

Simplebim allows you and your network to do the right things at the right time and by the right people. Processing BIM data at the right place reduces and simplifies BIM requirements significantly. The requirements set for the designers can be minimized. This also simplifies the BIM related design coordination. The roles and liabilities become clear. Instead of trying to force others to do things for you, you are able to control the information you need by yourself. This unlocks huge possibilities for BIM.

The Simplebim BIM workflow can be adapted to projects of any size in an agile way, especially when the needs grow as you and your network learn and get better at it. Instead of being bound to the slow progress of the international or national standard, BIM requirements and BIM guideline development work, or the timetables of the multinational design software and platform providers, with Simplebim you are in charge.