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What is Simplebim and what does it do in practice?

Simplebim is an openBIM software application. It manages BIM data. Simplebim makes the model data consistent and rich and thus makes model data fit for your purposes. No matter who created it, using which application, in which project or by which discipline. It is a tool for anyone who uses BIM data and needs to manage it.

Simplebim can be used for simple BIM data management like when exchanging BIM models to site surveying equipment, quantity take-off software or to energy analysis. It can also be used to manage all the BIM data for big construction companies, hundreds of projects, tens of thousands of models a year.

Simplebim is a tool for openBIM data management. It is used for cleaning-up, standardizing and enriching models for example to be used in production. The data is further shared with downstream applications and used in IFC or Excel format.

In practice this means adding your own properties to the model. This set of properties used in every model, from all the disciplines and in every project. You can then automatically classify the building elements according to your own classifications. Simplebim calculates consistent quantities from the geometry, no matter where the model comes from. You can define locations for the building elements in an automated way. The models can be further enriched by deriving new information with formulas or by merging data from outer source. Models can be merged and trimmed. Finally, Simplebim automatically fixes all sort of technical model issues. In all cases the enhancements are not trapped inside Simplebim. You are able to save one or more standardized and enriched IFC models, or even Excel files, and use the enriched data in truly openBIM downstream workflows.