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What makes Simplebim different?

Three things. Smartest BIM workflow, unique technology and true openness.

The first thing that makes Simplebim different is, quite frankly, the genius realizations and approaches to BIM data management. Most of the industry is still stuck in the old distributed and manual data management. This probably comes from the traditional document-based workflow, which doesn’t fit well with the BIM based process. We reliazed this and that is why Simplebim enables a centralized and automated data management and standardization instead of the distributed and manual. This is huge. In practise the only way to make the data flow. Centralized processing is pretty basic data management in other industries, but yet to be deployed to construction. Until now.

Second the unique and smart technology. Simplebim is packed with technological innovations, which drive large scale BIM data flow and usage in the industry. And, which have been developed and tested with some of the leading construction companies in the industry. This means, that the innovations are driven by practicality and construction industry specifics. They are not theoretical and generic like so many other solutions. There’s no other software in the market, which has the complete set of tools for BIM data wrangling. And best of the game tools for automatically defining locations, classifications and quantities. Cleaning up the models. Or even deriving new object and data to the models.

Third. Openness. Simplebim transforms BIM data into valuable data for every construction professional. Our goal is for everybody to get value from digital data on every day basis. Not just once a project or once a month. Everyday. Whenever you need the data. Not just the BIM and data-savvy people. Everybody. This means that the data needs to be available to everybody. And this is only possible if the data processing system is fully open, and thus can be connected to basically any tool and platform. This is why Simplebim has supported and worked with open BIM and data formats from the beginning. This is why Simplebim is not the final stop for BIM data like in so many other so-called open BIM applications.