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Who has created Simplebim?

Simplebim is developed by a Finnish, privately owned and independent software company called Datacubist Oy. Datacubist Oy was founded in 2009 to develop Simplebim.

The two co-founders Jiri Hietanen and Sakari Lehtinen are two of the top experts in the field of open BIM data exchange in the world. Before creating Simplebim they worked on BIM from every conceivable angle.

They have been involved developing the IFC format, already since 1997. The MVD approach was created by Jiri Hietanen. They have developed other BIM software, been involved in university level BIM research, as well as BIM pilots, deployment projects and BIM management, co-authored the Finnish national BIM standards both for buildings and bridges. Most importantly they have had very interesting and detailed discussions with their customers about all sorts of open BIM use cases over the past 10 years.

The idea of Simplebim was born looking at the issues from multiple angles and realizing, that there were really no tools that would help the industry manage BIM data and workflows in the best possible way. Tools for making BIM data consistent, rich and fit for purpose, so that it can be used on a large scale by everybody in the industry, not just by BIM-experts.