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Simplebim compared to BIM experts

You already have BIM experts, why do we need Simplebim?

BIM is not and should not be just for BIM experts. The real value, the ultimate return of investment from BIM comes from large scale use.

If you want to scale the BIM benefits, then it is not enough that you have a couple of BIM experts working for you. Consider this: If you always need BIM experts to deliver BIM data in your projects, then how many projects can one person really handle? There is a multitude of use cases for BIM. How realistic is it, that one BIM expert can understand and handle all the diverse needs from all the different disciplines in your company?

BIM and BIM software does not make people supermen or women. The better workflow is to use Simplebim to make the data consistent, rich and fit for purpose in an automated and centralized way. After this, the data is so easy to use, that anyone can learn how to find the information they need. Even, and especially the non-BIM experts. Not just in one project, but consistently in all your projects.