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Simplebim compared to project banks, BIM platforms and model servers

You are already using a project bank, data management or BIM cloud service, why do we need Simplebim?

Project banks like Dalux or BIM management platforms like Trimble Connect and BIM 360 are good in storing, versioning and sharing data, or for example managing user rights. The downside is that they are also garbage-in-garbage-out systems.

Implementing a rigid data governance policy, you need more than just data storage and managing complience and data security issues. You need also for example data checking and standardization.

These systems don’t make data consistent or rich or fit for purpose. You get most out of the models, when the data uploaded is consistent, rich and fit for purpose. With Simplebim you can make sure, that the models are. Simplebim is an open BIM solution. It is easy to integrate to these kinds of systems and platforms.