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Simplebim compared to model checkers

You are already using a model checker, why do we need Simplebim?

Model checkers like Solibri, BIMCollab Zoom, Navisworks and many others are very good tools for design coordination, but not for data management. Trying to use model checkers to solve BIM data inconsistency issues leads to a distributed, slow and rigid BIM workflow. Check out the answers to the following questions to learn more: What is the biggest technical issue in BIM data exchange? What is the biggest workflow issue in BIM data exchange? And How does Simplebim enable the best possible BIM workflow?

Simplebim’s unique, centralized and automated way of making data consistent, rich and fit for purpose is the best available solution to manage BIM data consistency for downstream applications – including model checking and ITO. Our customers tell us that clash detection and information take-off work much better, when the models are first enriched and standardized with Simplebim.