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Is BIM only for design?

The majority of BIM efforts focus on design. This is probably because of the maturity of the model author tool market and because the design coordination including clash detection is one of the easiest things to do from the BIM data management point of view. Basically, all you need is the correct geometry and some simple data.

While it is important to get your designs right, a lot of value for BIM data can be found in the downstream processes. In work that happens after the design. There are more users for BIM in the production and all the supporting functions than in the different design functions. Most of the building costs and value is not produced during the design, but during the production and operation of the building.

Simplebim can help the design process, even the design coordination. That said, Simplebim was created to catch the bigger fish. To help find the value of BIM data for all construction professionals, not just designers. Simplebim unlocks the power of BIM by solving the BIM exchange issue from the designer to the downstream parties.