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Why was Simplebim created?

Simplebim was created to enable building information data exchange and BIM data usage on a large scale. Its goal is to enable the use of BIM data for a large number of construction professionals, not just the BIM experts.

The construction industry is a very diverse and complex working environment. There are a lot of different parties and software applications involved in its processes. Exchanging data in this environment in a reliable and efficient way is very hard. For years the industry has tried to solve this issue by adding more and more standards, BIM requirements and BIM guidelines to the process. Instead of making the workflow more efficient and effective, these have added more and more manual work. Basically making the data exchange even harder.

BIM data exchange is just like any other thing in the world. With the right tools it can be made more efficient. Simplebim is this tool. We solve the issues with technology, simplifying the process instead of adding more restrictions and manual work. Simplebim makes BIM data consistent, rich and fit for purpose on a large scale for a large number of users. It maximizes the return of your BIM investment.