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What is the biggest workflow issue in BIM data exchange?

The control over the data is distributed across different applications and users from different disciplines. These systems and disciplines are vastly different from each other. Controlling each one of them separately is a virtually impossible management task. It has been tried, but on a larger scale it simply doesn’t work. The more you try the more difficult it will get. Because of this BIM data is not flowing smoothly.

BIM should be all about automation, but still the industry has ended up doing a lot of manual work to make any level of automation work. We are doing manual work to help machines. Do you see the irony?

BIM guidelines and requirements are getting more and more complex, which again adds more and more unnecessary complexity, manual work, checking, issue management and meetings to the BIM process. We people are not that good in following instruction. Not even the smart ones. In the end the BIM process has become complicated, slow, difficult, inefficient, rigid and hard to manage.

The Simplebim workflow changes this. It allows you to minimize the requirements, centralize and automate BIM data management and get rid-off most of the unnecessary work and complexity that burdens the current BIM workflows.