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What is the biggest technical issue in BIM data exchange?

In construction industry we are working in a complex environment. Not just because the different disciplines in the industry are very specialized and the project teams change from project to project, but also because the digital environment is complex. All the different parties use different software tools and there are even many vendors for each type of software.

BIM models are created by multiple different sources. They all create different kind of data. There are different disciplines, model author tools, company guidelines, and so on… This is just how it is. There’s nothing we can do about that. However with a smart decisions, tools and workflows we can make the data work.

Right now, the control of your data is basically in the hands of the big software vendors, and of course the users of their applications. The control is distributed instead of centralized and thus very hard to manage. Impossible even on a large scale. This is exactly why Simplebim was created. To give you full control over BIM data. To make the data consistent, unified, rich and valuable in a centralized and automated, instead of distributed and manual way. No matter which application was used for creating the model, who created it, in which project, BIM will always work for you.