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Validate Required Objects

In this section you can define the object classes and groups for which the model must contain objects, for example that the model must contain walls, or that a ‘Building Envelope’ Group must contain objects.

Object or Group [+]TextName or identity keyThe name or identity key of the Object Class, or the name of the Group
RequirementChoiceThe type of the requirement.
Must  Have ObjectsThe Object Class or Group must have objects, e.g. there must be Wall objects in the model or the group ‘External Walls’ must have objects.
Must Not Have ObjectsThe Object Class or Group must not have any objects, e.g. there must not be any Building Element Proxy objects in the model or the group ‘Very Short Walls’ must not have any objects.
No RequirementThe Object Class or Group has no requirements on this level

NOTE: For backward compatibility the values Yes and No are also supported. Yes is equal to Must Have Objects and No is equal to No Requirement