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Volumes are calculated for: reinforcing bars, reinforcing meshes, beams, members, columns, footings, walls, curtain walls, element assemblies, roofs, slabs, plates, coverings, building element proxies, building element parts, ramps, ramp flights, stairs, stair flights, tendons, tendon anchors, sites and spaces.

Volumes can only be calculated based on a valid solid geometry. Volumes cannot be calculated for open surfaces.

Volume, net

Net Volume of the object taking into account the openings and holes in the geometry. Volume, net. is basically the measure for the volume, which you can see in the 3D window.

Weight, as steel (Simplebim)

Weight is calculated for: beams, columns, members, piles and plates:

Weight is a derived measure. It is calculated with the following formula: Volume, net (Simplebim) * density. By default the density is 7850kg/m3. The density can be set with the configuration parameter (DENSITYFORWEIGHT).