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02. Import and Merge IFC Models and Data

Import Models

Simplebim fully supports the Open BIM workflow. You can import any kind of IFC2X3 or IFC4 models.

Simplebim has one of the best IFC import in the market, and it always actively developed. IFC is a moving target, it needs constant monitoring and updating. Simplebim even automatically fixes some common technical issues in IFC, so that when you export the model back to IFC, it works better in downstream.

The models can come from any IFC supporting model author tool or other application. Simplebim supports all the different design disciplines. The models can be architectural, structural, HVAC, MEP or even infra models.

Merge Models

You can even merge multiple models together. Unlike in many open BIM tools, the models are not just placed on top of each other for viewing and clash detection. The actual model data is merged together. The containment or model tree structure, groups, classifications, properties, appearances. The units and other IFC meta structures are automatically harmonized. All this enables you to export the merged model back to IFC as one, or multiple sub models.

Importing and Merging Data

In addition to the models, you can merge data from outside sources with the help of Bimsheet or Templates. Learn more from the Enrich Models articles.