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01. Simplebim® Overview

Simplebim® is a unique open BIM (IFC) software tool. In the basic workflow:

  1. You import IFC models to Simplebim from any discipline or model author tool.
  2. Transform the model data for you purpose with Simplebim unique features.
  3. And finally export the enriched model back to IFC, or as data to Excel or CSV.

You can use Simplebim to simple tasks like trimming the model and creating submodel from the original one. Or you can go crazy and standardize, normalize and enrich the model for example for production in various ways.

Simplebim’s goal is to turn raw BIM data into easy-to-use information and actionable insights for every construction professional on daily basis. No matter where it comes from. Or who or how is using the data.

Why Do You Need Simplebim?

BIM data is created from multiple different sources, which all produce a different kinds of data. There are different design disciplines, different model author tools, different companies using them differently, and so on… To use all this data together and efficiently and reliably the data needs to be standardized, normalized and enriched, fit for purpose. Just like in any properly managed data flow.

Different use cases and different BIM tools have different requirements for the data. Simplebim helps you meet the requirements and get the most out of your BIM data.

Who Is Using Simplebim?

Simplebim is used by all that are trying to use and find the value of IFC models in their work. Architects, structural engineers, HVAC or MEP engineers, energy analysts, quantity surveyors, site surveyors, BIM coordinators and managers, construction company BIM teams, and BIM users alike. Even the BIM teams of the owner prepare the models for facility management.

Simplebim Features

Simplebim is an unique BIM data wrangling tool. It cleans and transforms BIM data fit for purpose. It makes BIM data valuable in a scalable way. There are very simple things you can do, or you can go crazy and take into use the whole suite of features to make a comprehensive data processing.

Simplebim supports models from all design disciplines as long as they are in IFC2x3 or IFC4 format. (IFC4.3 will be supported during the first half of 2024).

Simplebim Desktop is a Windows desktop application. Note that for large-scale use we also have Simplebim Cloud, which is documented separately.

The basic Simplebim Desktop features include the following. Please learn more about each from a dedicated article: