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14. Export IFC and Data

Export to IFC

Simplebim can export standardized, normalized, and enriched data to IFC2x3 and IFC4.

You can create as many submodels from the original ones as you like. The building elements for the submodels can be selected manually or automatically. Note that you can even create submodels from merged models as well.

You can automatically create submodels for each Building Storey or Object Class. With help of scripts, for any subset of objects.

Export to Excel

Data can be exported to Excel in the exact format you like with the help of Bimsheet. This can be done from the UI or even automatically from the scripts or Simplebim Cloud. Learn more about Bimsheet from dedicated articles and tutorials.

Export Data Tables

Data can also be exported to CSV for further use for example in business intelligence solutions like PowerBI. CSVs can be exported from the UI or automatically from the scripts or Simplebim Cloud.

Truly Open BIM

Combine these possibilities with the other features of Simplebim, and the sky is the limit to what you can do with BIM data. Exported data and IFC models work in any Open BIM supporting application.