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This tool is part of Simplebim Prototypes addon. In order to use the tool, you need to download and install the addon from here.

Tool for removing all author and software identification information from the model. All information in the header, person. organization, application, actor role, postal address and telecom address objects that could be used for determining the author of the model, is replaced with random strings. Random strings are used to make it visible in the resulting IFC dataset that this information has been removed on purpose. The random strings do not contain any encrypted data, but are truly random.

The resulting dataset will still contain the information that it has been edited by Simplebim.

If the model contains identification information in other places, such a custom properties such information must be removed separately using the generic property editing tools in Simplebim.

This tool is useful when the model can’t contain any information about the author, for example when models are submitted to a architectural competition.

If needed the GUIDs of all objects can be re-created with the Edit GUIDs: Create New GUIDs – tool.