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Load Selected GUIDs from File

This tool is part of Simplebim Prototypes addon. In order to use the tool, you need to download and install the addon from here.

Alias: Load GUIDs from File

Tool for loading the GUIDs (Globally Unique IDs) of objects from a text file and selecting the corresponding objects. The file can be created with the Save Selected GUIDs to File -tool or it can be created by any other method as long as the file is a simple text file containing valid IFC GUIDs.

When this tool is run from a template or script it can be configured to perform also other actions than selecting the objects with the GUIDs from the file. In this scenario the file name must be given with the FILE_NAME parameter because the tool is run silently and no file open dialog is shown. The action is given with the ACTION parameter.

FILE_NAMETextThe name of the file with path and extensionSpecifies the text file to load
ACTIONChoiceINCLUDEIncludes objects with the GUIDs from the file
EXCLUDEExcludes objects with the GUIDs from the file
NDYSets the status of objects with the GUIDs from the file to Not Decided Yet