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Auto-Assign Containment: Spaces

This tool assigns objects to the spaces in which their geometry is located. The object must be located completely inside a space to be assigned to the space. If an object is completely inside multiple spaces the assignment is made to the smallest space. If you for example have rooms and gross/net areas modeled as spaces, the assignment will be to the room. This tool does not split objects that span multiple spaces.

This tool is useful when you merge for example a HVAC or electrical model into a architectural model and want to assign the HVAC or electrical objects to the architect’s spaces.

This tool is quite picky about the accuracy of modeling because it does not have a setting for tolerance. It also does not support the scenario where an object should be assigned to the spaces where most of its volume is located. If you have a scenario where this is a problem you can use the Location Editor instead. When using the location editor you must do the following:

1. Enable the Location Tools

2. Set all your spaces to be location prisms

3. Copy your unique space identification information from e.g. Space Number to one of the location properties, e.g. Location 0

4. Resolve the locations without splitting geometries

As a result all objects will get the space identification (e.g. space number) as the value of the location property you used (e.g. Location 0).