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Download Simplebim Templates

On this page you find sample templates to get quickly started with Simplebim automation. To learn how to create your own templates click here. To learn more about template explore the template guide here.

Editing SampleThis template demonstrates the IFC model editing capabilities of Simplebim, like setting, copying, trimming and swapping property values.Download
Validation SampleThis template demonstrates the IFC model validation capabilities of Simplebim, like how to define objects and properties as required and set lists of allowed property values.Download
Enrichment SampleThis template demonstrates the IFC model enrichment capabilities of Simplebim, like how to add new properties to the model and set the values of those properties.Download
Add propertyMinimal sample template for adding a property to the model.Download
Add measure valueThis is a template sample for adding a measure value to the model.Download
Add property to all objects and containersThis template adds example properties to all elements and containers.Download
Add building storeysThis is a sample template for adding building storeys to a model.Download
Add Uniformat classificationThis is a template for adding the Uniformat classification to the model.Download
Add TALO 2000 classificationThis is a template for adding the TALO 2000 classification to the model.Download
Define the scope of the modelThis is a sample template for defining which objects and properties are included/excluded.Download
Exclude all propertiesThis template excludes all properties from all objects, except model information, project, site, building and building storey.Download
Find and Replace SampleThis template demonstrates how to use Find and Replace Text Property Values function.Download
Show GUIDsNormally GUIDs (GlobalId) are not shown in Simplebim, but with this template you can make a copy the GUID visible for all objects. Please note that editing this copy does not change the original GUID that remains hidden and that the copy is not exported to IFC.Download
Show Door GUIDsThis template makes the IFC GUID (GlobalID) of door objects visible in the Simplebim user interface.Download
Copy Type GUID to instanceCopies the GUID (GlobalID) of the type object to the instance.Download
Exclude Parent GUIDThis template excludes the parent GUID property for all objects.Download
Exclude Assembly LevelExcludes the Assembly Level property from all objects.Download
Add rule based groupsThis is a template for generating groups based on property values in the model.Download
Add manual GroupThis is a template for adding a new manual group to the model.Download
Create Space Covering objectsThis is a template for creating space covering objects.Download
Building Element Proxy TypesCreate type objects for building element proxy objects.Download
Wall typesCreate type objects for walls.Download
Copy Model Name to objectsThis template copies the model name property to all elements.Download
Copy Model Name to ProjectThis template copies the name of the model to the project.Download
Combine Space Name and Space NumberThis template uses the ‘Calculate Properties for Objects’ tool to combine values from “Space Name” and “Space Number” properties.Download
Color by value exampleExample for coloring objects based on property values.Download
Colorize by layerThis is a template demonstrates how to colorize objects by their layer.Download
Set transparencySample template for setting the transparency of objects.Download
Move the modelThis is a sample template for moving the model.Download
Moving the model to global originThis is a sample template for moving the model to the global origin (x=0, y=0, z=0).Download
Rotate modelThis template demonstrates how to rotate the model.Download
Substitution sampleSample template for demonstrating the use of substitution lists.Download
REGEX sampleThis is a template for testing regular expressions.Download
Do not split SpacesPrevents Space objects from splitting by adding boolean property.Download