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Group Trim Name

This tool is part of Simplebim Prototypes addon. In order to use the tool, you need to download and install the addon from here.

Tool for trimming the name of groups. This tool is useful when you want to trim for example an unwanted prefix from the name of type objects (which are groups in Simplebim)

Configuration Options

Because this tool needs to be configured it can only beĀ run from a template. This tool is not visible in the Tools drop-down menu of the ribbon.

TARGETChoiceDefines the target of the operation, i.e. the groups that might be deleted by the tool. For example TARGET=ZONE specifies that only groups mapped to IfcZone may be deleted.
ALLDefault. All groups.
GROUPGroups mapped to IfcGroup.
ASSETGroups mapped to IfcAsset.
INVENTORYGroups mapped to IfcInventory.
SYSTEMGroups mapped to IfcSystem.
BUILDINGSYSTEMGroups mapped to IfcBuildingSystem.
DISTRIBUTIONSYSTEMGroups mapped to IfcDistributionSystem.
DISTRIBUTIONCIRCUITGroups mapped to IfcDistributionCircuit.
ZONEGroups mapped to IfcZone.
<Object Class>This option is used for deleting type objects. For example the value WALL sets the target to types of IfcWall.

NOTE: It is possible to delete also type objects with this tool because internally type objects are handled as groups in Simplebim.
REGEXTextThe regular expression that selects the part of the group name that you want to trim (remove).Examples
– ‘ABC’ removes ‘ABC’ from anywhere within the name of the group

– ‘^ABC’ removes ‘ABC’ from the beginning of the name of the group

– ‘ABC$’ removes ‘ABC’ from the end of the name of the group

– ‘^(ABC)\d{1,3}$’ removes ‘ABC’ from the beginning of the name of the group, but only if ‘ABC’ is followed by 1-3 digits after which there are no more characters in the name.