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Map Group to IFC

When you create a group using a Simplebim template, the group is by default not mapped to IFC. This means that the group is visible in Simplebim but will not be exported to IFC. Such groups appear for example under the Generic Group category in the Objects palette. Please note that when you export a group to IFC it will always be exported  as a manual group, i.e. a group that has a fixed list of members. This is because IFC, unlike Simplebim, does not support the notion of rule based groups.

If you want to export the group to IFC you must map it to IFC explicitly. This is done in the Map Group to IFC Group section of the template.

In the Map Group to IFC Group section simply give the name of the group you wish to map and select the IFC group type (like IfcGroup, IfcSystem, IfcZone etc.) from the Type of IFC Group dropdown.

You don’t have to create the group in the same template in which you map it to IFC.