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On which side do I butter my bread?

There are all sort of concepts, technologies, workflows and beliefs related to BIM. We humans tend to simplify the world by clinging on one idea. At the same time the big picture and overall goal is easily forgotten. Especially by the experts. The more you know, the less you know.

Should data be linked or put into to the model? Is a web service better than file-based data exchange? Is the XML-format overwhelmingly better compared to a given text-format, or should all the data be serialized? Maybe the models should always be stored on a model server and that would automatically solve all the issues? MVD, IDM, BIM execution plans, national BIMstrategies… what have you.

From the point of view of the overall goal, most of these concepts and technologies are the same kind of things as the question: on which side should you butter your bread? Do you put the ham on the top or under the cheese and so on…? People have strong emotional strings attached to these ideas and things, even if they don’t have any logical connection to the overall issues.

We encourage you to take few steps back. Take a deep breath and think about what we are actually trying to achieve with BIM: to create, communicate, analyze and use building information in a reliable way at the right time. And to do all this efficiently. Simplebim cuts through this cloud of confusion and helps you concentrate on the essential, practical and common-sense solutions.