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Simplebim compared to Autodesk Revit

You are already using Revit, why do we need Simplebim?

Revit, just like all the other model author tools, is very flexible. With it you can reach the same modelling end-result with very different techniques. Revit doesn’t force you to create the model in a specific way. As the result two Revit users can create two different kinds of Revit models. If you export them to IFC, they are different. If you try to use these same models in Autodesk’s ‘internal’ BIM workflow, they will still be different.

Using the same format for the data does not solve the data inconsistency issues. However, using an open format, like IFC, will give you more possibilities in downstream applications. Revit (and other model author tools) are very good for design, but for other functions there are a lot of other brilliant solutions out there.

Open BIM, IFC, allows you and your partner network to find and use the best possible tools for any given BIM usage. With Simplebim you make the models consistent and get the most out of them.