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Edit Read-Only Properties

In Simplebim read-only properties are typically marked with a lock icon next to the property value. Like the name implies, the values of read-only properties cannot be directly edited in the Simplebim user interface.

A property is defined as read-only when it contain values that are copied or derived from another location in the model. For example the ‘Name (type)’ property contains the name of the type object that defines the type of the object in question. The ‘Building Storey Name’ property is the name of the building storey object than contain the object in question.

In many cases the value of the read-only property can be edited through its source. For example renaming a type object or a building storey automatically updates the corresponding read-only properties on the applicable objects.

If the source cannot be edited, or editing the source does not automatically update the read-only value, then you can copy the values from the read-only property to a new property, and edit the values of the new property. Please note, that in this case you will have conflicting information in your model. This may not be a problem though if you for example export a set of data to Excel.