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IFC is bad

IFC is broken and needs to be fixed. We need to wait for the next version of IFC and then we can start working with BIM on a larger scale. Then we don’t need Simplebim anymore. Totally wrong!

IFC is not perfect, not even close. It has been developed for a long time already. It carries many mistakes from the past. Still, it is the best available open BIM format we have, and the most widely supported. The inconsistency of the data is not caused by the data format we use, it is caused by the diversity and complexity of the environment we are working in.

With the current workflow, the data would be as inconsistent even if we would use Excel or any other format. There’s nothing magical in formats, that would make the data consistent and rich. IFC is just like any other format. You don’t get consistent and valuable data, just because everybody uses IFC. The good news is that you can fix this issue by using Simplebim to make the data consistent and rich in a centralized and automated way.