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Querying License Information

Simplebim 10

We have a web service that allows you to query information about your Simplebim 10 license. You can see who has used your license in the past and who is using it at the moment.

The page also shows which Simplebim version is used by each user. This is useful, because if your Simplebim 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 license has a valid subscription you can use it also with Simplebim 10. With the version information you can manage the migration of users from older versions to Simplebim 10.

  • The base address is: https://simplebim.com/Simplebim10-License-Info
  • Simply append your license key at the end of the base address.
    • If your license key is for example ‘ABC’ your address is https://simplebim.com/Simplebim10-License-Info/ABC
    • Please note that the above address with ABC does of course not work, because ABC is not a valid Simplebim license key

You can bookmark the address with your license key for future use.

Older versions

You can use the address for the latest Simplebim version also with older license. If you wish to explicitly use an older version of the report, please use the base addresses below.

Simplebim 9https://simplebim.com/Simplebim9-License-Info
Simplebim 8https://simplebim.com/Simplebim8-License-Info