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Silent Installation

These are instructions for administrators who want to automate the installation of Simplebim.

Automate Activation

You can automate activating Simplebim in the following way

  • Installing
    1. Install Simplebim on all target computers.
      • You can run the Simplebim exe installer with the /quiet switch.
  • License
    1. Create a license file
      • The license file is a simple ASCII file with the file extension .lic
      • The name of the license file can be anything (except Simplebim.lic). Simplebim only reads the first valid .lic file it finds.
      • The first line in the file contains your license key
      • The second (optional) line contains the name of your license. You can give the license any name you want. Providing a name allows you to hide the license key from the user, because if a name is given, the Simplebim About -dialog will show the name of the license instead of the license key.
    2. Copy the license file to the installation folder of Simplebim on each target computer.
      • The actual installation folder is written into the registry by the installer
        • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Datacubist\Simplebim\10\Location
      • The default installation folder is: C:\Program Files\Datacubist\Simplebim 10
  • Proxy
    1. Create a proxy file if you are using a proxy server
      • The proxy file is a simple ASCII file with 4 lines
        1. Proxy domain
        2. Proxy Port
        3. Proxy User
        4. Proxy Password
      • User and password are optional. If you are not using a authenticating proxy, create a proxy file with only 2 lines.
      • The file extension of the proxy file is .proxy
      • The name of the proxy file can be anything. Simplebim only reads the first valid .proxy file it finds.
    2. Copy the proxy file to the installation folder of Simplebim on each target computer.
      • See instructions above for finding the installation folder
  • Starting Simplebim
    • When Simplebim is started the first time, the application reads the activation key and proxy information from the .lic and .proxy files and tries to make a silent activation.
      • If successful the application starts and that’s it.
      • If not successful, the user gets the normal activation dialog and there is a free trial period during which to figure out what went wrong.

Hiding License from Users

By default users are asked for a license at startup and the license key is shown in the About dialog. However, you can use a configuration file to hide the license process and the license key from the users. When this option is used…

  • The user never sees the Simplebim license activation dialog. Instead, if the license is for example expired, the user sees a message defined by you. This message can for example prompt the user to contact your internal IT support.
  • The user does not see the license key in the About dialog. This way the use cannot copy the key and use it to activate Simplebim on another computer.

Please contact support@simplebim.com for further information.