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How do you take Simplebim into use?

It depends of course on your use case and how far you want to go in your open BIM usage. For simple use cases you purchase the software, watch few tutorial videos or take a training and start using it. Say for example site surveyors. All they need to do is to trim the model, maybe colorize it and manage some properties and model transformations. This doesn’t require corporate level process changes or extensive training.

If you are for example working in a construction company and you want to go all the way, then it is a bigger change for sure and there’s more to learn and to do. You probably want to start with a pilot project. We have services available to help you with that. Then you start building your own automation rules to scale the Simplebim usage in your organization. You need either internal BIM experts for this, or you can again purchase help from us or our amazing partners. Once you get the automation working, and your BIM users are convinced of the value, it is time to scale things up. This is when Simplebim Cloud comes into play. The best of our customer run 100+ project on a weekly basis in an automatic and centralized way.

You don’t have to master it all at once. There are relatively easy steps to take and premium support and services available to get there.