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Navigate in 3D

3D Navigation in Simplebim is pretty standard and should be very familiar to anybody who has used 3D software before. The only feature that is unique to Simplebim is dragging&dropping selected objects from 3D into other parts of the application. For doing this you…

  1. Select objects in 3D or hover over objects in 3D
    • Use Quick Select to easily select multiple objects, such as all objects in an object class
    • If you have selected objects and hover over other objects, then both the selected objects and the ones you hover over will be dragged
  2. Hold down the left mouse button
  3. Wait a short while until the title of the 3D window changes color
    • If the 3D window does not have a title wait for about half a second
  4.  Keep the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse to start the drag&drop operation

Mouse and Keyboard Navigation

Right Click Menu

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut KeyAction
0 (Zero)Reset 3D View
1-6Basic Views – Top, Bottom, Left…
AStart Area Selection
Ctrl + ASelect All Visible
BackspaceRewind to Previous View
Ctrl + BackspaceForward to Next View
CCopy Snapshot to Clipboard
EEdges On/Off
GGhost On/Off
HHide Selected
IIsolate Selected
QToggle Quick Select
SHightlight On/Off
Ctrl + SShow All
SpaceNext Quick Select
Ctrl + SpacePrevious Quick Select
TTooltip Visibility On/Off
XZoom to Visible
ZZoom to Selected