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Releasing a network license

When you are using a network license and start Simplebim, you may get a message telling that all licenses are in use and Simplebim can’t be started. This means that all network licenses in your license key are in use and you have to wait until a license is released before using Simplebim.

However, sometimes a license can get stuck on a computer for one of the following reasons

  1. Simplebim is not closed properly, e.g. Windows is shut down while Simplebim is still running
  2. A internet connection is not available when Simplebim is closed
  3. Simplebim crashes

If you suspect that a license is stuck on a computer, i.e. not really use, please follow these steps

  1. Check who is using the license by querying the license information online. You can then contact the person on whose computer the license is stuck on and ask them to release the license, The license is released by starting Simplebim and closing it. The online license info shows the User Name and Computer Name, and it is important that Simplebim is started on the same computer by the same user to release the license.
  2. If the license can’t be released because the computer no longer exists, has be re-installed, the user is on holidays, no longer works in your organization or a similar reason, please contact us at support@simplebim.com and we can release the license on our license server.

Please note that the license is not released when you uninstall Simplebim.