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Author: Jiri Hietanen

Add Properties to Classes vs. Groups

It is not the same thing to add properties to an object...

Download Simplebim Templates

On this page you find sample templates to get quickly started with...

Can’t Release License

What to do when I can't release my Simplebim license?

Download RAVA3Pro Add-on

Simplebim add-on for preparing IFC models for applying for a building permit...

Reporting Simplebim Bugs

You can report Simplebim bugs any way you want, but for the...

Enable Cookies on simplebim.com

Enable cookies to access all functionality on simplebim.com

Calculate Formwork for Concrete Pours

With Simplebim you can easily calculate and visualize formwork for cast-in-place concrete.

Firewall Settings

Learn how to safely let Simplebim through your firewall

Process all IFC Files in Folder

You can use a Simplebim script (.sbs) and a Windows batch (.bat)...

IFC File Double-Click Issue

When you install an upgrade for Simplebim it can sometimes happen that...